A complete purchasing guide for warming drawer

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Warming drawers are one of the most important things for your kitchen. They are used to keep your food warm until serving. The warming drawer is generally designed to install in a wall cavity. These drawers come with a handle, which can be used to pull them out. The warming drawer helps in keeping the cooked food stored and warm. They are very beneficial for those families who eat food at different times, thus you don’t have to go to the oven again and again.


They generally comes in three types. Standard drawer provides a great amount of flexibility than any other type of drawers. They provide the benefits like additional temperature and humidity settings and they can be placed in many areas due to their flexibility.

Ranges with warming drawers are another type of these drawers. These drawers are becoming very common these days in the kitchens. These type of drawers are usually placed below the oven. They can be a better choice if you have limited space.

Outdoor warming drawers can be used if you have an outdoor kitchen. For these types of drawers, you should choose the drawer with stainless steel construction.


  • Electronic touch control in any warming drawer helps the user to set the temperature according to their needs.
  • Variable temperature settings of these warming drawers provide the facility to keep the food warm or hot according to their preference.
  • These drawers also contain the option to set the humidity level according to the food’s requirement.
  • Removable half rack allows you to store two rows of any types of items for the purpose of keeping them warm.
  • The slow cooker function in most of these drawers allows you to use your drawer as a slow cooker.

Points To Remember before Purchasing

  • Size: As these drawers are manufactured in various sizes, you should know about the amount of food you will put in these drawers. The drawer should be purchased according to the food requirements.
  • Finish: They are generally made from stainless steel material. These drawers are also available in variety of colors. You can purchase one according to your style.
  • Placement: These drawers are generally placed under ovens or at cooktops. Though they can be placed anywhere they can fit in.
  • Safety: Safety should be your top priority while purchasing these drawers. They generally come with light indicators which provide the information about whether the drawer is in use or not. You can also purchase a drawer with automatic shutdown features.

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