An overview of microfiber sofa

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What is a microfiber sofa?

Microfiber sofa as the name implies is a type of sofa made from microfiber, which is a certain type of fiber with slim strands. These slim strands can make the sofa look like it’s made of suede or leather, making it a very beautiful and stylish fabric for sofas as well as couches.

Microfiber is a unique type of synthetic material that has “miniscule-polyester fibers” that are tightly weaved fabrics. This tightly woven fabric results to a very soft material that feels more like suede. Some types of microfiber tend to be denser and seem to have a corduroy texture.

Qualities of a microfiber sofa

Despite the attractive look of a microfiber sofa, which is one of its major qualities, there other qualities this type of sofa has that makes it highly sorted and exclusive.

  • It’s very durable and can stand the test of time and still retain its fresh look.
  • It’s very comfortable and soft, as well as has a suede and velvety feel.
  • Stains on a microfiber sofa are quite easy to remove.
  • It the best sofa to get if you have pets that may tend to crash your sofa with their claws.

How to clean a microfiber sofa

Cleaning a micro fiber sofa can be quite difficult and require some skills, and being strategic. All you’ll need to bring back your microfiber sofa’s clean and fresh look is…

  1. Rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle.
  2. A light sponge that is colorless and won’t add to the stain already on the sofa.
  3. A white bristle brush for scrubbing.
  • Spray the rubbing alcohol on the stain area until it’s partially soaked, take your dry sponge and start scrubbing as hard as you can.
  • Make sure you scrub very hard, as you do this you will definitely see all the dirt, dust and grime coming off on your sponge.
  • Rinse sponge with clean water, to take out dirt and scrub again.
  • When the microfiber sofa is dry, take the white bristle brush while it’s dry and scrub the stained area in a circular motion. By doing this you get to rearrange the scattered pattern of the sofa caused by excessive scrubbing

After all these process, your micro sofa will look new and feel fresh new again, no one will notice that it was stained before or went through any form of scrubbing.

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