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Drawing rooms are often associated with wonderful musical evenings especially in Indian stately homes. Since tradition the drawing room is considered as a distinct and separate room from the living room or the other family rooms in the house. This room is one of the most important rooms in a house which creates a good impression about your house to the guests visiting you. Drawing room furniture also looks and feels beautiful in the room which looks welcoming to the guests. Consider the following things when you want to choose your drawing room furniture to make the room look unique and elegant.

Traditional Indian drawing room furniture

To make your drawing room look elegant and lively you can choose the traditional Indian drawing room furniture which includes a wide variety of unique looking pieces. One such Indian traditional furniture piece for your drawing room includes bookcases which you can add to the room. This kind of furniture is preferred by most Indian households for their drawing room as books are regarded as a symbol of wealth and culture.

Some other types of traditional Indian drawing room furniture you can choose for your drawing room includes a patterned sofa, grandfather clock, writing bureau, occasional tables, sideboards, upright pianos, etc. which can provide a complete look to your drawing room. If you couldn’t find a piece of furniture that is originally made of mahogany or rosewood, you can get them painted in exact wood finishes to decorate your drawing room.

Another idea is to upholster your drawing room furniture with a suitable fabric complementing its look to get that provides an authentic traditional Indian look to the furniture. The traditional Indian drawing room furniture is usually made using heavy woods like mahogany, rosewood and oak and hence offers comfort and elegance. You can also have sideboards in your drawing room to make it look elegant and complete.

The arrangement of drawing room

You must arrange the furniture in your traditional Indian style drawing room in a graceful manner. You can choose a focal point of the room such as the fireplace around which you can arrange the furniture that comes with two identical pieces like the chairs and stools to provide your room an aesthetic appearance. To provide an elegant look to the drawing room you must try to use the same types of furniture pieces made of wood throughout the room.

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