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If you ever wondered why bed ends headboards are so amazing and attractive then the answer is that we can decorate them according to our interests. You need to be a creative to make the headboards yourself but making them doesn’t require much time. If you have a craftsman within you and also have some experience then you might make your own bed ends headboards within hours. Buying one online will be a lot easier if you want to avoid all these headaches. Now, few ideas and tips to make the headboard more elegant.

Tufted headboard

Making a tufted headboard is very easy as you just need a piece of plywood for the frame of the bed ends headboards, some foam and the desired fabric that you wish to use. Cut the plywood to the shape and size that you need for you headboard. Then you have to cover if with the foam and above all seal it with the fabric. This way you can have a beautiful headboard for just a few bucks but you may have to sweat a little. The tufted headboard is very soft and fluffy but the style and beauty will depend on your skills.

Headboard made of old doors

If you have old unused doors and if are also looking for a headboard then you have the perfect thing to have one. You can easily turn an old door into a beautiful bed ends headboards. Cut the door into the size of a headboard and next you just add some chair rails for the finishing touch. The next step is the easiest, just paint and dry and you’ll have a beautiful headboard without spending much.

Headboards made of pallets

Old pallets are something ideal that you might need for a homemade headboard. Only one pallet may not be enough for a headboard so get another. Some nut and bolts, some stain and suitable frame can turn the pallets into a beautiful within a day. The best part is that you don’t even need to spend much.

Painted headboard

You can make your plain headboard something more by painting it the way you want. To make the paint effective first you need to remove the polish that it already has then you are good to go. If painting is something you are bad in then a professional will do it for you just a fair amount of fees.

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