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The sitting room should always be a place for relaxation and entertainment no matter the size. There are many ways/tricks that you could use to make a small space look bigger. You could use some small sitting room designs to improve on the overall look of the entire room. Doing this will allow for you and your guests not to feel confined once you step into the room for some entertainment or relaxation.  Here are some ideas that you could implement:


  • Use mirrors

This is a trick that many designers use to make a room appear spacious. This small sitting room design involves placing mirrors I strategic locations to add to the beauty and ambience in the room. Some of the few places that you can place your mirrors are such as near a light source or across the window. Doing this will help create the illusion of a more spacious and relaxing room.

  • Light weight furniture works best

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the furniture is light, No not at all. You should go for furniture that has small visual weight. Such kind of furniture are mostly determined based on the size, colour and design of the furniture. For instance, coffee tables that are made out of glass are better than ones made out of wood in terms of visual weight. This is because you can see through the glass ones making the room appear more open. Another thing, you could consider is the colour as you should go for more pale colours than darker ones. These are just some of the things to consider when it comes to visual weight of your furniture.

  • Neutral colours can do wonders

You should go for a neutral palette when decorating the room as it sets a kind of calm feel to the room as well as some form of sophistication. The colour of the walls and furniture should be considered for a small sitting room design. Colours can definitely influence how big a room looks.

  • Go small scale with the furniture

When selecting the furniture for the room, don’t go for such large furniture as it can make the room look small and uncomfortable. IF you’re tight on space you could consider opting for a love seat alone or getting armless chairs. Whatever you decide to go for furniture that’ll not take up that much space.

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