Blanket chest to enhance your living room

Blanket Chest - 2

Blanket chests come in a variety of wood. Some are beautifully carved and can decorate any room while some are painted. So if you want to enhance your living room with a blanket chest, visit the furniture stores and choose one that is beautifully carved and add it to your living room.

Highly Carved Blanket Chest with domed top

The blanket chest is carved out of oak and cost around $3595. It is an antique piece with carvings from the bible. There is a carving of the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist. The doomed top has beautiful carvings of angels and lions. It can be opened and has large storage space. Carved bees can be seen in the lower panels.

It is a very good example of craftsmanship of the era. It has bun feet and two inch thick sides. The whole chest has a beautiful rich oak patina. This decorative piece can enhance any home. I do not think this craftsmanship can be found today. This piece shows its age, use and long standing.

Antique Blanket Chest Trunk of Australian Cedar to add style to you sitting room

This blanket chest is made of Australian red cedar and costs around $ 350. It gives out wonderful smell when opened. The trim that is used for this chest could be eucalyptus or oak. It is constructed with French dovetail panel and cut nails. The chest has brass handles on either side. This has large storage space that can accommodate a lot of things.

This can kept in the sitting room with some cushions so it can be used for sitting and for storage too. A coffee table in front of it with two chairs on either side can present nice sitting arrangement.

Shoal Creek blanket Chest to add enchanting aura to your living

The chest is built along simple lines with engineered wood for durability and long life. It has a top that can be lifted to gain excess to the storage space. It is available in multiple colors so you can choose the color that suits your décor. It is perfect for storing blankets, bed linen and seasonal clothes.

This chest can be kept clean by wiping with a clean dry cloth so that its finish and paint remains intact for a long time. It has too holes for ventilation and can be used to store your child’s toys. It has to be assembled before using.

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