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If you are bored of having everything shiny and glossy then it is time to give something new a try. Rustic furniture is very popular nowadays and moving up the trend ladder very fast. If you are confused about where to start from then you can try out with a rustic armoire. It has an antique look without the expensive part that can also give your home a unique look. Whether you choose to buy one or make your old one look rustic is up to you. But in both ways, you’ll have something amazing that will awe your guests.

Making a Rustic Armoire

If you have a hidden craftsman inside you then you can choose to make your rustic armoire all by yourself. But for those who don’t and have doubts inside, please don’t try this at home. You might break your precious armoire. If you really want it then buying is the only option for you.

  • First, clean the whole thing and remove any spots or marks.
  • Next, remove everything that can be separated like doors and sections without breakings it.
  • Paint it with a suitable color you wish to see and do it well, let it dry.
  • Now you can use an old t-shirt or something similar to make stain marks and do it randomly.
  • In the end, you can use polyurethane coating to give those stains a permanent look.

It was just one technique of many. You can use the internet to get more ideas but it takes lots of hard work and time to finish. If you are not ready to sweat then buying a new rustic armoire would be the best decision.

Antique style at a cheaper price

Antiques are loved by all but purchasing them is not. The more antique an item is the more expensive it gets to buy. The rustic armoire gives us the option to taste antique at a cheaper price. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get one of these, they are sometimes even cheaper than regular ones.

Putting it in style

But to make it look stylish in your home is not that easy as is doesn’t match with every interior design. You need to be very careful about the style and color of your room while choosing a rustic armoire. If are in doubt then you can always take help of a professional interior designer to have the perfect style set.

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