Significance of back to wall toilets

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Wall Hung Vanity Unit duravit happy d2 775mm white wall mounted vanity unit with basin JPXXSEP

Second to the kitchen the bathroom is the important room for a house. While building the house the house owners are very keen while designing their kitchen and especially their bathrooms. The designing and structure of your bathrooms and the way your home’s kitchens are designed can attract a huge amount of buyers. (If you are selling your house). While installing or replacing a new toilet there are many options available for the home owners. People always strive for an aesthetically pleasing and practical bathroom. If you opt for a back to wall toilet it is one the best choice.

Back to Wall Toilets

As the world is modernizing day by day the living standards are also raising up. People are building up new and modern homes, with aesthetically pleasing structures and appealing designs. For making a bathroom look modernized, most of the house owners tend to opt for a back to wall toilet, it gives a modern look to your bathroom. These are the floor flushing toilets and are more convenient than other types of bathroom styles. These back to wall toilets are slimmer and are more compact. They also save up a lot of space in the bathroom. These are very useful.


Neat looks always attract the people, and using a back to wall toilet gives a neat and clean look to your bathroom. It makes your bathroom look cleaner and neater. Saving the space of your bathroom, the back to wall bathrooms can make your bathrooms look more open and wide. These type of toilet seats are available in a wide range of colors and

designs, these will fit with any color of the tiles you have in your bathroom. These toilets are a plus point for those home owners who are willing to sell their houses. These can give these owners a high sale value of their house.

Some Disadvantages

Although these toilets give a modernized look to your bathroom but are expensive. These look appealing and impress the onlookers at first sight but these are very hard to afford, usually these are available at high rates in the market. Additionally these are hard to repair. There cisterns are located behind the walls of the bathroom due to which if some kind of leakage occurs they are hard to mend. The toilets use special bracing units to be installed in order to use the bathrooms.