Choose the best vanity lights for your bathroom

Floating Bathroom Vanity 30 GYXWAIU
Floating Bathroom Vanity 30 GYXWAIU

There are no actual rules to choose a vanity for the bathroom. Actually it is the dimension of the bathroom and eventually the experience you have of it that make you decide on either choices presented.

The types of bathroom vanities

There are;

The powder room vanity

Being the smallest room in the house, it is not used for bathing purposes. The vanity henceforth here has a small sink and can eventually go towards the bathroom itself. The purpose of this vanity is to complete the style of the rest of the house.

Guess bathroom vanity

Generally used by guest or children (especially teenagers) the vanity is made up of two sinks. It should be large enough to contain clutter and every day bathing tools. Depending on whether there are teenagers using the vanity might be compartmented for storage of hair dryers, shampoos and other stuffs.

Master room vanity

This vanity is mostly used by the parents and is very large. For it to be functional two sinks must be put and storage compartment must be there. The style of the vanity can go along with that of the bedroom but not necessarily.

Lighting the vanity

No matter the type of vanities you are dealing with, a proper lighting is very essential. Most lighting features are chandeliers of various materials and forms and also the traditional rustic lights. Choosing the right lighting completely transforms the appearance of the bathroom. Ceiling lights especially chandeliers offer an overall lighting of the bathroom while pendants, sconces and track lights are used for specific tasks in the bathroom.

Give a romantic sense to the bathroom

Getting up inside a darkish and dreary bathroom is not actually want you want. That is the reason why you should choose carefully the lighting fixture that suits you more. Make sure you choose lighting powerful enough to illuminate the entire bathroom.

Lighting a space is not just about finding your way around but it has an aesthetic component that gives a new dimension to the space.