Toilets for cloakroom

Toilets For Small Bathrooms compact toilets for small bathrooms LGKEGXA
Toilets For Small Bathrooms compact toilets for small bathrooms LGKEGXA

If you are searching for toilets in cloakroom or small bathroom, there are many alternatives available which can be accessible easily without compromising on style. When you compromise on the space, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality also. It is easy to have toilets for cloakroom making a good use of the space.


There are three main styles of cloakroom toilets. These are wall-hung, back-to-wall and close coupled. Wall-hung and back-to-wall toilets have great advantage over close coupled toilets as they utilize the space more efficiently.

Wall-hung toilets are very useful for cloakrooms as they make the room look bigger. These toilets have the gap between toilet and the floor.

Back-to-wall toilets are also good as the toilet seats are thin at the bottom and are wide. They can make a good use of the narrow space.


Some people say that close-coupled toilets are not fit for cloakrooms. But it is no true. They are very smooth for cloakrooms as they do not require cistern to be fitted independently. It has a great advantage if you have limited space in your bathroom.

Close-coupled toilets have small cistern section, so they require less space and can be fitted with ease.


Apart from these toilets, you can have some other toilets also in your cloakroom. Another option is having a corner fitted toilets. These have a triangular storage and opening conveniently into the side of the room, which becomes easier to use the limited space.

Having a combination of a compact toilet and a sink can also prove to be good for cloakrooms as they too save the space. These have the cistern sections in under-basin cabinets without taking large space of the room. These are available in various sizes.

Having restricted space doesn’t mean that you can’t have good quality toilets. There are lots of choices available which can have the great use of small washroom of cloakroom and you can be sure that your bathroom looks dazzling and stylish.


These toilets have other benefits also. They are more water efficient. You can make use of such toilets in the cloakroom that have dual flush system. They reduce the unnecessary use of water by approximately 50%. One such example is demi close coupled toilets. As compared to the toilets that use usually 6 liters of water, these toilets use only 3 liters of water. This apart from saving the water also saves the money.