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Now, you can update your bathroom with colored toilets from a wide range of colors and styles. The modern colors include light blue, pink, beige, bone, gray and harvest gold, and you can also find them in elongated or round shape.

Whether you are looking for an exclusive matching colored toilet or you want something light and a new look, then browse the internet for exclusive collection of colored toilets. You can get sample chips to confirm the color with reassurance. Get the new colored toilet and upgrade your bathroom for a new and stylish look.

Colored Toilet Seats:

You can find a wide range of toilets in different colors, but finding or replacing toilet seat is not that simple. But, with a simple search on the internet you may find nearly all colors offered by a large range of toilet brands. These durable molded plastic toilet seats features include resist peeling, support, fading and cracking. These toilet seats are easy to clean and prevents slamming, and easy to install.

Easy clean and change colored toilet seat

The exclusive features of colored toilet seats include

– Enduring heavy solid plastic with several colors which will not wear, chip and stain and very easy to maintain, use a mild detergent to clean the cover.

– No wobbling seat, more secured structure, easy to install, secured center bolts to prevent shifting.

– The Whisper-close system causes cover and ring to close slowly and quietly without banging and or hurting yourself.

– These exclusive colored toilets can make your bathroom look colorful and unique.

High-density and durable padding, enduring colors, antibacterial vinyl and other best features makes the product superior and popular. No tools required to install as the dial-in hinges guarantee secure no-wobbling fit. Matching color bumpers and hinges complete the enduring look.

Color Cross Reference Chart for Toilet Seat:

To be in the business the toilet companies do not use the same color name as others, that is why it is little confusing to find which color exactly you want. But, with this color cross reference chart you can find the exact color. You just need to select the manufacturer of the toilet seat, then chick in the list of available colors and find the one that matches your toilet.

With these range of colors, choosing the right color for your bathroom is very easy. And, upgrading your bathroom with the colored toilet can make your bathroom attractive and unique.