Give makeover to your cabinets with cabinet refacing

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Kitchen Wall Colors With White Cabinets charming kitchen wall colors with white cabinets inspirations and oak for JBNLFAQ

If one is bored by the look of their kitchen and want to make their kitchen attractive and give them a complete makeover one should consider refacing their cabinets. Cabinet refacing is called as cabinet resurfacing. Cabinet refacing involves making changes to the existing furniture’s and gives them a new and attractive look.

Cabinet refacing includes the following:

1. Involves changing the worn out or damaged doors and drawers of the cabinets

2. Replacing the old cabinet doors and drawers with doors of modern and latest colors and styles.

3. Painting the cabinets with a bold and unique color
4. Changing the hardware and hinges of the cabinets
5. Using unique lamination ideas to create an attractive look

Cost involved in refacing cabinets

One can save on the cost and expenses when undergoing refacing of their kitchen cabinets. They can save up to half of their cost as compared to buying or constructing new custom cabinets. An upgrade to your kitchen cabinetry is enough to give it a complete appearance change. One can also add some decorative kitchen accessories to make it more attractive and beautiful.

Benefits of kitchen refacing:

Less time:

Refacing takes less time as compared to replacing them. Buying a completely new cabinet involves a lot of efforts and time. You need to select the cabinet, decide on the material, get it constructed as per your requirement, get the designing done and finally get the installation done. Refacing cuts down all these process as you have a ready cabinet structure and just needs replacement of doors and drawers and little extra designing.


When you are replacing your cabinets you are not able to use your cabinet and kitchen. The things are also kept in a messy way in the kitchen. This is the other way round when cabinets are refaced. One can still use their cabinets and kitchen when resurfacing them.


One can make their old cabinets look as new by making a few and innovative changes to them. One can change and replace the knobs, doors, drawers and shelves as per the latest trend. One can also use different style and designed lamination to enhance the surface of the cabinet.