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Design Bathroom

Designing your bath- what you need to know
Designing a dream house is easily one of the best things ever, and it takes putting in equal effort in every room of the house to make it the way you want to. Creating that perfect bathroom in your perfect home is as important as anything, and if you’re looking to do the same, then here is a collection of some of the shortest yet most useful tips to help you accomplish the same!
Planning an efficient layout to make the best of what’s available.

Regardless of how perfect everything in your house is or will be, there are going to be things to deal with like plumbing drains, supply lines and so on. This is why planning and perfecting an efficient layout is important. Also, if you have limited space available for your bath, you’ll need to rethink every element of the bathroom keeping that in mind. Examples of this include having smaller bathtubs or inset bathtubs to take up lesser space, using design schemes that are comprised of solid colors and so on.
One of the most cost effective design involves a one-wall layout up to the sink, toilet and then the shower with one of the walls in the bathroom.
Selecting the sink
The most common and elegant sink design is to get an integral sink, which is a single piece along with a vanity counter. Under-mounted bathroom sinks make cleaning easier, while self-rimming sinks, though easier to install and more economical, can take up quite the cleaning efforts.
Getting an effective lighting plan

An effective lighting plan helps get lights in the critical areas of the bathrooms with ease, avoiding the same where it’d be a problem. The mirror is where you should have the ideal lighting- not too less, and not too more. Lights on the sides of it help you illuminate your face from both sides, getting rid of shadows.
The Cabinetry
Getting the right bathroom cabinets helps you make the most of available space. While stock cabinets are economical, you will need to shell out quite a bit to get a custom design. However, getting one designed exactly as per your bathroom will help you ensure the best utility and look that you have always wanted for it!