Freestanding baths- for the modern bathrooms!

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Freestanding baths are not connected to any wall and they don’t even need any hob, additional tiling for the installation or any frame. They are among the most popular baths and trendy for any designer bathroom. They are best for the large bathrooms and can also be installed close to a wall in smaller bathrooms. Selection of a bathroom is the main decision for planning a bathroom. It mostly sets the scene of the complete bathroom design and act as a focal point in the bathroom.

Freestanding baths for the beautification of the bathroom

Bathing is not only about cleaning your body. The water element turns into something that we can experience when we bathe. It helps the body to give strength and recover. The peculiar esthetic of the freestanding baths makes new aisles in modern and contemporary architecture f the bathroom. All the focus goes towards the freestanding baths in the bathrooms. There are a number of models in different shapes, sizes and forms that are available in the market in various brands which combines highest quality of material with the discerning designs!

Freestanding bath as the focal point of your bathroom

You can create a remarkable centerpiece of your bathroom with a freestanding bath. Whether you want a classic and regular vintage freestanding bath with the claw shaped feet or something modern, there are bath that goes perfectly with your bathrooms. A freestanding bath can also give an illusion of a larger bathroom than it actually is. It is because of the space that it has underneath and around itself.

Materials of freestanding baths

Freestanding baths come in many kinds of different materials like stone, acrylic, wood and even cast iron. Dark wooden freestanding baths look very inviting and elegant and they also give a feel of warmth in the bathroom. Whereas, the freestanding baths made of cast iron are very heavy but they retain the water well heat.

When you’re planning to get a freestanding bath for your bathroom, make sure that the plumbing is properly hidden for the aesthetic point of view.