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Bathroom Vanity Tops builders surplus yee haa-bathroom vanity countertops-granite-cultured marble-low
Bathroom Vanity Tops builders surplus yee haa-bathroom vanity countertops-granite-cultured marble-low prices YCRGDNJ

Granite Vanity tops uses Granite, which is among one the most popular Natural stone (100%) used in construction designs to provide uniqueness to the construction. One may witness them across the kitchen to the bathroom. They come in variety of colors and textures. There are numerous advantages of granite tops such as it has less dull spots, fissures and less pitting. However, the stone is also porous and not impervious to moisture. It has rich texture and each slab is unique, resistant to heat and electricity. The stone require to be sealed upon installation and to be regular maintained for long life performance. The granite vanity top may stain due to reaction with some food and beverages such as red wines and soda. It is safer natural stone then Quartz which may have traces of radioactive Radon. The survey shows a greater preference among customers to purchase houses with granite vanity tops as compared to other material tops such as Quartz, Glass and Marble.


Granite vanity tops are priced around 60 USD per square foot. The prices vary and primarily subjected to currency and oil market behavior. Each product is sold at unique price in the retail market, with each single vanity top has its own specific price. But, however it is cheaper than the marble its competitive material tops. Also, marble is more prone to weathering and chemical degradation.


These tops come in variety of designs as each granite stone is unique in itself. The designs are natural and one can select according to his fitting ambient conditions.


Granite Vanity tops are made up of Granite (a 100% natural stone) cut, quarried, honed, polished has long life if maintained regularly. It is free from corrosion and free from bacterial and fungal contamination after being polished. However, it may react with certain chemicals consumed by humans.


The Tops comes with variety of textures and colors. One may chose to select according to the ambient conditions of his kitchen or bathroom.


The primarily standard of the tops are 37”×22” and 43”×22” for Double Sink with 0.75” thickness.


The granite vanity tops are available with almost all the firms which deal in home and home decorating products. They are also sold online and has an export market directly linked to the performance of the construction industry. These vanity tops are majorly exported from India and Thailand.