Kitchen cabinets installation cost

Kitchen Installation kitchen installation GUZXKNR
Kitchen Installation kitchen installation GUZXKNR

Kitchen cabinets are very important part of the kitchen and their installation is required for every decorating theme. Cabinets not only enhance the beauty of the kitchen but also reduce the effort of finding appliances, utensils and jars of spices. Good set of cabinets can only be installed when the right material and labor is allowed for the construction. Cost of the installation depends on various points and can be reduced down a little bit but then the quality of the cabinets must be compromised. Following are the points which decide how much the installation of the cabinets will cost:


Choosing a good material is not so hard, but choosing the material that comes in your budget is a very hard task. Local materials cost less that is common sense, but at the same time they do not look that good. Imported material costs more as the cost of transportation will also be included in the material cost. A common mid grade wood kitchen cabinet costs around 195$-290$.


People usually forget to consider the cost of labor when they estimate the total cost of a cabinet. But you have to be very careful during the selection of labor, as a good labor means better quality of work. The cabinets will last long only if the fitting was done efficiently. Labor expense to install a kitchen cabinet is around 60$-130$. This amount includes planning, job equipment, set up and even the clean up.

Job Materials and Supplies:

Another factor that decides the total cost of a kitchen cabinet is the cost of job materials and supplies required for giving the cabinet a final finishing touch. This may include connectors, fasteners and surface preparation. Although the amount of money spend on these things is not much but the cost can’t be neglected. This job costs around 20$-25$.

The total cost of the installation includes all these points, it is up to the owner to decide the quality of material and labor he uses. Also the cost of installation will increase if the job needs to be completed quickly.