How to organize kitchen drawers

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It seems like a simple task, organizing kitchen drawers. But if not done properly, it can lead to a lot of chaos in the kitchen. It is very easy for things to get cluttered in the kitchen and hence it is essential to spacious and well organized kitchen drawers.
Before getting to the actual organizing part, it is first important to make sure that all drawers are in top notch condition and that none have any non-functional parts. Not being able to open a drawer completely is one of the biggest reasons for clutter developing in a drawer and hence such matters should be looked into immediately. And the better the making of the drawer, the better its utility.

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Making compartments within drawers
If a drawer is kept bare, it is obvious that things kept in it will moving from one corner to the next and eventually, the entire compartment will be a mess. Having sections within it can bring some order to the matter. And of course, you should determine the size of such sections by first going through what has to be kept in them. Adjustable or movable compartments can help a lot in this case.

Keeping jars and vessels within the drawers
There are sure to be some cooking items that are used for cooking almost daily. This can include spices, condiments, oils or even carbohydrate sources such as dried pasta or rice. These can be placed in even sized jars inside the drawers. By doing so, it will be very easy to just pull them out when need be. This will also keep the kitchen cabinets organized by eliminating the need to open them every single time you cook. Furthermore, it will also help to keep everything in its place.

Making a separate space for pantry items
Not every household has the luxury of having a pantry. One of the sections of the drawer organization can act as a pantry. This section can be built in a fashion similar to pantry shelves. You can even make special arrangements for eggs and other cooking essentials such as flour or oil in such a compartment.

Designated spaces for pots, pans and dishes
It is always best to have drawers built in such a way that they can accommodate the dishes and pots. Not all kitchens can have hanging spaces for pots or shelves for the china. Such a move can save a lot of space, while getting things organized at the same time.

Make sure to keep the things you use most frequently in the most accessible locations while organizing kitchen drawers.