Famous types of kitchen floor types

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas spacious kitchen with wood and tile
Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas spacious kitchen with wood and tile FSVPXPN

A huge variety of tiles is available in the market. Kitchen floor tiles of different sizes, styles and designs are easily available everywhere. I will tell about few of the kitchen floor tiles which are popular nowadays.

Each and every room of your home is of equal importance. Either it is guest room, living room, dining room or a kitchen. So you must decorate each room with equal care and love. Don’t think that kitchen is not that much visited by the guest so leave it. When it comes to choose a tile for kitchen floor, you have a huge range available. The most popular types are:


These tiles are commonly used in today’s kitchen. They are long lasting, slip and strain resistant. These properties make them a perfect choice for any kitchen.


These tiles are fully strain resistant. The surface of these tiles can get scratched with regular usage. This means that they have a bit high maintenance and they need to be cleaned daily.

Quarry stone:

These tiles are mostly used in large kitchens. They are elegant and beautiful. One problem is that it is difficult to install these tiles. It takes lots of time and cost. But once you have installed them properly, then just sit back and relax. They are extremely durable


These tiles are made up of ceramic materials which makes them super hard and strong. They are moisture and stain resistant. They are available in different colors and designs which makes them top choice for kitchen tiles. They are extremely durable.


These tiles look similar to quarry stone and wood. These tiles are expensive but their installation is cheap. They are also available in different designs and styles.


These tiles are cheap. They are the best choice for those who can’t afford expensive tiles. They are easy to clean and durable. Instead of being cheap they give a stylish and unique look.

Many other different tiles are also available in the market. You need to make sure that the style and design is according to your personality and way of living.