Beautiful wall color ideas for your kitchen

Kitchen Wall Tiles Design Ideas kitchen wall tile design ideas
Kitchen Wall Tiles Design Ideas kitchen wall tile design ideas VVFBYOR

Kitchen is the heart of your home which is not only used for the purpose of cooking, but also where members of the family unite to have meals together or even gather to have coffee in the mornings and evenings. Hence it is an important place in your home which must be taken care of and designed to look beautiful and attractive. When remodeling an old kitchen or building a new kitchen the most difficult thing for many people is choosing the best wall color for their kitchen. Many homeowners spend a lot of time in selecting the color for their kitchen walls than the other rooms in the house.

Choose the colors that matches the kitchen décor

When choosing the best color for your kitchen walls, it is necessary to make a note of the cabinetry, shelves and appliances in your kitchen. There will be no space left with all the appliances organized everywhere in your kitchen. Hence it is best to choose the wall color that will coordinate with the color of the cabinets and shelves of your kitchen. Another idea is to match the color of the wall color with that of the floors in your kitchen. Cream color paints or pale apricot shades for walls will work best for kitchens with wooden cabinets. They are beautiful lighter tones which will add more charm to your kitchen.

Kitchen wall paintings can also done based on different themes to give a dramatic effect to your kitchen where you can choose from country kitchen theme, the retro American kitchen, modern kitchen theme, Spanish kitchen and many other themes. The wall color of your kitchen can be chosen based on the kitchen’s theme that you opt for. For instance you can paint your kitchen walls in an olive green shade for a country kitchen theme that has furniture, cabinets and dishes on display.

Kitchen wall tiles

Another alternative option to decorate your kitchen walls other than painting is to tile them. Tiling your kitchen walls can enable easy cleaning. There are different kinds of tiles like bright colored tiles, plain solid color tiles, or tiles with paintings.