Get perfect texture with luxury right & left hand corner bath panel 1400*1400

Corner Bath With Shower Screen laguna corner shower bath with
Corner Bath With Shower Screen laguna corner shower bath with screen + panel XVYEYVX

Bath panels can be considered as one of the perfect ways that can bring color and texture to your bathroom. Bath panels come with different shape and size. The most popular kind of bath panels are corner bath panel which can give stylish finishing to your bathroom. You can discover wide ranges of products in the market and choose the right and appropriate one that fits your space and requirements that you desire. There is huge range or varieties of solutions for your bathrooms in the market and luxury right and left hand corner bath 1400*1400 with leg sets and front panel is one of the best among the different choices.

Essential Features

It is the right choice for you if you have been looking for the bathroom with sanctuary qualities. You can modernize your bathroom using normal budget and quality is well maintained at the same time. It has full encapsulation of wooden baseboard and is supplied with pre drill for overflow and waste management. Leg sets are includes within it and supply of bath is provided with guarantee of ten years. It has total capacity of about 197 liters and provides universal handling.


You can get branded and undamaged item with retailed packaging originally. It is corner bath that comprises of front panel and total length of 1400mm. Its brand is affine and it is made up of acrylic which proves to be quite durable. It has total capacity of 200 liters and style is totally modern. You should not fret your eyelids on its durability as it has guarantee of more than ten years. So, if you handle it well, then you can make it go for years and years.

Reasons to choose the product

It has proven to be one of the best corner bath panels that you can choose for your bathroom. You might have certain queries and worry regarding the product. But, you can be assured that the product is totally reliable and can get them in the most affordable prices. The very product will provide you class leading guarantee which is really very appreciable. There are huge stocks due to its growing popularity among customers. Likewise, there are other benefits that you can enjoy as it offers you huge capacity with sparkling look. There is provision of money return on your inconvenience. So, you can buy it with a confidence.