Ideas for luxury kitchens

Ideas For Small Kitchens small kitchen RBXFREN
Ideas For Small Kitchens small kitchen RBXFREN

The main difference between a normal kitchen and a luxury kitchen lies basically in the various expensive appliances present in the luxury kitchen and costly materials that are used in its construction. These are going to be consuming a lot of money but if you are looking for a luxury kitchen, then budget shouldn’t be your priority. These kitchen designs are meant to push its viewers into shock and awe. Here are a few features which are generally seen in luxury kitchens:

High-end appliances

High end appliances are something that define a luxury kitchen. They include top of the line refrigerators with double doors and smart cooling features, $400 dollar blenders, coffee grinders, espresso machines and various other appliances.

Expensive furniture

The wood used for constructing these kitchens is generally very expensive. Teak wood and cherry wood are hard woods which can be used for making the cabinets. They are very durable and add a rich tone to the room. The furniture generally comes with decorative moldings and accents which makes the whole setup very expensive.

Coffee bars

Having a coffee bar in the kitchen is a good way to show off the different roasts and grinding methods that you can use for preparing coffee. Having an expensive coffee grinding machine and an espresso machine will only add to the effect and make the experience even richer.

Brick oven

Luxury kitchens generally come with modern equipment but having a brick oven in the house conveys a completely different message. This not only gives the cook the opportunity to prepare various bakery items like bread, pizza, etc. but also adds a thematic effect to the entire kitchen.

Mini bar

This a more common feature that is found in the living room but this would be a great addition to an open kitchen. Having an extravagant collection of spirits combined with a huge island to accommodate your guests will give you a chance to show-off your bartending skills.

Luxury kitchens generally have simplistic designs and expensive appliances coupled with expensive wooden furniture which include modern designer equipment along with traditional antiques. Smaller kitchens may have similar equipment but what defines a luxury kitchen are the elements of richness and its exquisite design.