How to plan an open plan kitchen diner

With our activities crowded way of life, it might be difficult to get the space and time needed to stay at home with dear ones and friends. Establishing an open kitchen diner plan is a good way of making times for meal a more social platform and will also add quality to your belonging. Stated below are a few idea for forming an open kitchen diner room that is being use for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


How to structurally arrange your open plan kitchen dinner

Try to make sure that the diner area is closer to the natural light. If you stay in an home that the best point of view is over the yard or garden, you should try to establish your kitchen to face the outdoors by putting French windows or a floor to ceiling glass to give natural light.

If you stay in a flat, place your table in such a way that it is next to your window. Should your dining or kitchen be large enough to enhance a different living room, ensure that you anchor the space left with a focal point in such as a sofa or fireplace and coffee table.

If the region is a bit limited, you can bring in an alcove or a nook to your plans to get the maximum use of your kitchen room.


Decorating your kitchen diner

Kitchen is a region in the home that has the highest number of footsteps and movements. This demand that it is easily keep clean, especially when you have kids. Make use of paints that are able to wipe and ensure that the cover on the chairs are easily taken-off and washed. When foods are served, you cannot avoid spillages so you need a carpet that can easily be cleaned and select a practical flooring for your kitchen.

Try to ensure that the kitchen styling and eating regions are in harmonious agreement, as the theme dining region of rustic Tuscan would not agree with the industrial stainless steel type of kitchen, but put a glass table and leather chairs (preferably white) to the mix and it will appear perfect.