Open plan kitchen lounge ideas

Open Plan Living Ideas Kitchen Living Room class SJXBQVM
Open Plan Living Ideas Kitchen Living Room class SJXBQVM

An open plan kitchen lounge design allows you to maximize the open area available on the floor and remove the doors and walls and get the longest sight line that is possible in the available area. If you are one of those who like to entertain your guests every now and then, then having an open plan lounge in your kitchen is the perfect idea for you. With large amount of open space available at disposal, you’ll need furniture that is suitable for open planned rooms.


To help you design your open plan kitchen lounge, we have collected some amazing ideas that might do the trick for you.

Country Design

You can combine new and old wooden furniture and beams to give your open plan kitchen lounge an age-old and cozy vibe. The central island of the kitchen can be used for all the cooking preparations, while also entertaining the guests in the open dining space.

Basement Kitchen

Having a basement open plan kitchen lounge is also an amazing idea, for the amount of extra space it offers. If you have stairs in the basement you can use the space below the stairs as an extra storage space. This will help you in keeping your kitchen area free from storage clutter.
Glass Roofs

Adding vaulted glass roofs is another great idea for open plan kitchen lounges. It will make your spacious kitchen much more attractive, instantly. You can further decorate the room with pendant lights, worktops made from marble and antique-style dining chairs to finish the look.

L-Shaped Sofa

L-shaped sofas are a perfect addition to open plan kitchen lounges. It works in separating the areas and also creates a comfortable family atmosphere. You can also use similar flooring throughout the space to make it look much larger.

Conservatory Idea

If you have a conservatory built in the kitchen, you can transform it into the wet area, and can fix the dishwasher, sink and even the washing machine there. Other kitchen appliances can be placed in the lounge extension.

Use some of the above mentioned ideas if you are planning to have an open space kitchen lounge and a certain wow factor instantly.