Paint your kitchen cupboard

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Does your kitchen appear dull, particularly in color, and you need it to turn around? If that is the case, then you have to replace the cupboard entirely? There is a contrary thing that can be done actually, instead of putting a lot of dollars into turning the kitchen cupboard around. You can look into painting them again. It may look like a demanding task to accomplish, but it will surely save you a large amount of money. Also, you get a great feeling of satisfaction from carrying it out yourself.

The painting procedures

Before commencing with the painting of your kitchen cupboard, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. Grease and paints don’t go with one another, so the grease must be removed perfectly. When left to dry, you are require to sand the sides down, put a primer around it, and sand it again when dry. The primer ensures the paint sticks well.
The second step would be to apply the first paint coat. The handles and knobs can be removed before you start painting. You also decide to remove a part and paint, or opt to paint the whole cupboard once. Painting it all once might cause drip marks, however it can be avoided completely if one is careful.

You will never get a flawless finish when you paint your cupboard all by yourself. If you want it perfected, you can call an expert.


Mistakes most people make when painting heir kitchen cupboard

1. Your expectations are too high

Painted kitchen cupboards appear nice, but they won’t appear completely smooth. New York City said that “if the cupboards possess an apparent open grain, the paint will portray th grooves”

2. The surface of your cupboard is not properly cleaned before applying paint

Make sure you clean up all debris on the cupboard before you start painting. A minimal amount of dust can spoil the look. Don Fahrbach also said that “you will arrive at a gritty end and it will seem like you painted on sand”. “To fix this, it will require that you clean the sand properly and paint it all over again.”