Trend of small kitchen renovation

Small Kitchen Ideas small classic kitchen BFNTHIG
Small Kitchen Ideas small classic kitchen BFNTHIG

Small kitchen remodeling is in trend and it as like a game. The large kitchen space provides freedom, and less active cooking environment. Small kitchen owners may be getting jealous of large kitchen owners, but they shouldn’t get jealous. Small kitchens have many advantages, and we can remodel the kitchen by our choice.

Choose space for small kitchen

Before choosing space for the kitchen, we should consider the space for more than one purpose. The kitchen should not only have the place for chair and table. We should look for the place that provides more work place along with storage. We can design a kitchen which has wheels under the cabinet, and we can roll it to the place wherever we want to.

Features of Small kitchen remodeling

1. If we don’t need larger appliances, we should not place them in the kitchen to occupy more space. We should use equipment that occupies less space, and handle more items. We can use fridges in which the door is opened sideways, and hence occupies less space.

2. We should large countertop areas instead of dividing it into several smaller sections. Smaller sections provide interruptions, but expand the countertop.

3. Kitchens should have high storage space. But storage space should be in a creative way, i.e. which occupies less space but stores more items. We can replace the thick interior walls with the smaller cabinets, and we can store our material.

4. We should think about the walkways and doorways. We should redirect the doors, etc. in order to save the space for storage purposes.


Tips for small kitchen remodeling

1. We can add antique glass on the cabinet doors, and it enlarges the small kitchen.

2. We can use baskets and trays in the kitchen. It gives organized look to the kitchen, and increase storage as well.

3. We should use the space creatively. We can use cabinets which have two sides. We can put bins, etc. under the sink.

4. We can use backless stools, which can be used for sitting purposes and it occupies less space, and serve sitting purpose.

5. We can hang the pots on the wall or on the cupboard. It saves space, and gives an antique look.