Things to know about under-mount stainless steel kitchen sinks

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks kohler ballad undermount stainless steel 32
Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks kohler ballad undermount stainless steel 32 in. 50/50 double bowl kitchen TSMFNSK

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? In that case, you must not miss out the most essential element of your kitchen- the under-mount stainless steel sink. Let’s look at some of the important things that you must know about them:

1. Extraordinary features:

The brink lip of the sink is seated below a sturdy or a stable surface counter-top; hence the sink hangs effectively underneath the counter, as contrary to sitting on the top of it. It makes a regular flow from counter-top to the sink.

2. Counter-top unity:

Best suited for the sturdy surface counter top materials like soapstone, granite, concrete or marble. It is not well suited for tile counters or laminates, which have so many weak points along with grout lines and seams to support the sink weight.

3. Pros:

Clean and mop scraps of food directly into the sink. (There is no bare rim that would catch the dirt and crumbs). Convert up to half a square foot of the space of the counter; minimalistic, attractive look and easy to clean.

4. Cons:

Usually very costly than drop-in sinks. Only works with the water resistant and weight bearing counter top materials. Contraction and compression build-up under the counter can cause cavity. Faucets should be attached to the wall or the counter top.

5. Installation:

Good installation and sealing is necessary to avoid leakage and to make sure that the sink is supported properly. A complete sink of utensils and dishes gets very heavy. You do not want the sink to pull out apart from the countertop underside and crash the floor. Under mount sinks are by and large attached with a 1-part epoxy adherent and fixed with silicone covering around the boundary. You must make sure to get someone who has the knowledge of what they are doing or how it is done or a professional. Most of the professionals can fix an under mount sink in half an hour or less.

6. Price range:

The price of the under mount sink depends on the material and size of the sink.