Wet room shield

Wet Room Shower Tray view all products under triform PQJSMYZ
Wet Room Shower Tray view all products under triform PQJSMYZ

Wet Room
Wet Room is a shower area which is covered by tiles. In other words the whole bathroom is converted to a big shower enclosure. The fame of the wet room is increasing in the recent years as the traditional shower trays losing its preference by the customer. Wet rooms are tremendously adaptable and contributing a number of payback over customary shower trays. The payback comprises of the benefits like easy accessibility for the physically challenged persons with wheel chair. Wet room needs a drain fixed into the floor to take care of the surface unit to avert pooling. Wet room provides a perfect and chic modern look. Wet rooms are easy to clean

Wet Room Shower Screens

The major integral part of the wet room is the shower screen which avoids the entire bath room to get wet. To face the high water pressure of the shower, a screen is vital thing. The screen is accomplished with a glass panel and it can be mounted on the wall or it can be free to allow the walk through

Types of wet room shower screen

The wet room shower screens falls under three categories.

Single Panel – A single panel comes with a single sheet of glass and it is fixed in the half way of the wet room and not linked with any walls. This type of shower requires fewer amounts of screen and hence minimal cost.
Wet room panel with return – Shorter panels are joined to form an L- shaped structure and extra panel which is called as return is fitted near the area where there is more shower spray.

Walk in enclosures – This type of shower offers the grandest aesthetic and luxurious look. This type of shower accommodates a minimum of two glass screen one over another and it is not closed, so that the user can enter the shower without any obstacles. This type of shower screens is ideal for the persons who are accompanied by the wheel chair. Walk in enclosures are costly when compared to other sort of wet room screens because it uses additional glasses.

Benefits of wet room shower screen

The advantages of using the wet room showers are that it avoids splashing of water into the room and creates a more customary shower enclosure. It also provides additional storage space and does not generate a visual blockade with easy to clean option.