Wet room tanking – tips

Wet Room Shower Trays completed wet room shower tray installation
Wet Room Shower Trays completed wet room shower tray installation KZWPPIO

Wet room is basically a bathroom with a shower. The shower is open in a wet room. The water is drained away through an outlet set into room. As it is a room where there is a lot of water every time, we need to take care of the material so that it is waterproof.

It is important that the wet room is waterproof. Modern wet rooms are stylish, elegant and up to the latest standards. The wet rooms are extremely practical. They are practical in a way that they provide a huge space unlike traditional bathrooms. Additionally, the wet rooms are manufactured according to the safety standards.

Solid sub-base:

Tanking is basically a process of making the wet room waterproof. Extensive water can spoil the overall look of the wet room by time. You must make sure that you tank the wet room. The tanking of the wet room is necessary if you want your wet room to be durable and safe. The first thing that a wet room requires is a perfect solid sub-base. The purpose of this sub-base is to make your wet room durable. As the time passes, the base changes due to structural movements and it can cause leakage.

Tanking materials:

Many tanking systems comprise paste and tapes. Tapes and pastes are mostly used at the corners or between the floor and the wall. This is done in order to prevent leakage. The tapes, paste and other material used for tanking of the


wet room is specially made for wet rooms. You must make sure that you but the right material. The product should be safe and reliable. In order to prevent tanking system from cracking makes sure that it has built in tolerance. Once it is cracked, it is no longer water proof. You must make sure that your tanking system is able to stand in all the climatic conditions.


You need to spend a few dollars in order to make sure that you get the best tanking system. If you get a low standard system thinking that you will save some money or if you hire non professional workers for this task, you will not achieve what you really wanted. You will be spending a lot of money again in near future. So make sure that you do the best. There are many professionals that are ready to help you all the time.