Decorate your contemporary living room and live in style

Ideas to decorate your living room top living room color

Decorating a contemporary living room depends on a large number of factors. If you have a spacious home and a family living room where the family sits to watch TV, play or have a chat then contemporary living room will be the parlor where you sit, read and relax and meet your guests. Accordingly you can decorate it.

A Contemporary Living Room to entertain guests

Since a contemporary living room is the place where you meet your guests and relax it should be beautifully furnished with a sofa in the centre and a coffee table in front of it. The sofa in the center can be a big one to sit two or three with two small sofa chairs on either side. This sofa can be made of strong wooden frame and upholstered in leather or fabric with foam padding to provide all the comfort for you and your guests.

The corners of the room behind the sofa can have carved wooden corners where you can place a vase or some beautiful antiques. If your living room is a rectangular one then a console placed against the wall with carved wooden chairs with cane sitting will complete your sitting arrangement.

A contemporary living room for family and guests

If you have a small house where the living room is used for the family to relax, watch TV, play, entertain guests and sit for a chat then the selection of furniture also should be contemporary. The TV should be on one wall and across from the TV should be placed the sofa with the chairs. In the window alcove have two carved high backed chairs with cane seats and carved ottoman on the side between the two for placing a cup of tea.

Against the side wall you can have a recliner or a loveseat with cushions that can sit two or three. This should provide enough space in the living room for everybody to sit and relax.

A contemporary living room designed for simplicity

A big carved sofa with cane sitting   can occupy the centre of the room with a carved coffee table in front of it.  All the four corners can have beautifully carved wooden corners on which can be placed a vase and other antiques. A beautifully carved ottoman and other carved chairs with cane seats can be arranged round the room.

If there is still place to accommodate more furniture than you can have high backed recliners with cane seats that are very comfortable for relaxing. The simplicity of this design will attract family and friends to relax in this setting.

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