Decorating a small living room in the house to give it a new look

Decorating A Small Living Room - 1

When the living room is small it is not easy decorating a small living room. You must take into account the space available and decorate it. Every bit of space should be properly used in such a situation to provide a comfortable living room. Glass mirrors and wall papers can be used to enhance a small living room and make it look spacious.

Enhancing the Look of the living Room

Decorate the wall around the window with wall paper and place a sofa in the window enclave. The sofa should be built of quality wood with storage space. On either side of the sofa place side stands with beautiful lamps. In front of the sofa place an ottoman with storage space on which you can place a vase of natural flowers. On the wall opposite the sofa place a glass mirror which provides a beautiful view of the trees outside.

Opposite the sofa place two high backed armchairs with cushions to provide comfortable sitting arrangement. On one side of the sofa you can have a credenza against the wall to keep magazines and newspapers. On the opposite side place a love seat which can accommodate three.

Giving the Living Room a new Look

If the living room has a long window then the sofa can be placed opposite the window with a coffee table in front of it. In the corners on either side of the sofa you can be place beautifully carved corners. On one corner place a vase while on the other a porcelain figure can be kept. Two sofa chairs can be placed on either side of the sofa.

Against the wall on the right side of the sofa place a recliner in the antique style which can seat two people. Opposite the recliner place a console against the wall.

Change the furniture in the Living Room and enhance its look

Since space is a constraint decorating a small living room is not an easy task. A sectional sofa can be placed in the center of the living room with two ottomans on the side that can be used for storage as well as seating. The sectional sofa has a strong wood frame and legs that can provide strong support. The cushions used on the sofa are polyurethane foam that is firm and comfortable for sitting as well as sleeping.

There are four cushions loosely placed at the back which can be arranged to sleep comfortably when the sectional sofa is to be used as a bed.

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