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The sitting room is the private place which is used by people to relax and they also use it to nap during their day and night time. It is found that most of the people spend maximum time in decoration of sitting room. There are many things which are to be taken care when the sitting room decor is considered. This means that the most relaxing time of the day is spend at the bed. The standard bed and its accessories are important to have and thus you need to choose each and every thing properly. Thus it is important to have good decoration of sitting room.

Colors of sitting room

The first thing is to choose the right colors. Make sure that the use of neutral colors is done and the warm and earth colors are used. The colors should be used properly in the walls and the furniture as well. The colors for sitting room can have many options. The color of the fabric and the furniture of the sitting room should match and they should be able to complement each other. You should make your room a restful and relaxing place. The bright colors should be avoided as it will disturb your sleep.

The next thing in decoration of sitting room is the choosing of right bed. The bed is the focal point of the sitting room and you should make sure to choose the right one. The small sitting room should not have a very large bed otherwise it will look bad. In case the sitting room is very large then the bed should not be too small and it should be atleast of the size that it fills the room. The right size of the bed and mattress should be chosen by which is able to complement the look of the room.

Wall decor

Then comes, choosing the wall décor of room. It is also the part of decoration of sitting room. There are some people who opt to have the wallpapers which are painted artistically and that have the unique texture. The other opts to save the wall décor painting and them only use the wall colors and place is beautified with the framed pictured and paintings. You can get some pictures which you like and which resembles your personality and style. This can help in saving a lot of time. Then you need to focus on the right flooring material. Overall you need to take care that all the parts of sitting room should be able to complement sitting room.

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