Enhance your home with small living room design

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When decorating a small living room care should be taken not to install bulky furniture but to have sleek furniture which fits well into the setting.  It should be decorated in the traditional style to make it timeless. Have a few items of furniture that are beautifully carved and can provide a charming atmosphere.

Ideas for Small Living Room Design

A small living room design should be simple and aesthetic. A big carved sofa which can sit three should be place in the centre of the living room with two matching chairs on the side. In front of the sofa is placed an Irish style puca table in mahogany with a glass top which can add character to the living room.  On one side of the sofa is placed a console with a beautiful antique. On the other side of the sofa is another console with a porcelain jar.

Under the puca table is placed a carpet of linen fabric with tiger skin print giving the room a nice elegant setting. The sofa is very comfortable with padded foam which is upholstered in polyester fabric with silky design in off white. A few loose cushions are spread on the sofa.

Small Living Room Design that can give your home a new look

When designing a small living room colors do matter. As neutral colors like white or off white give the room a spacious looks and adds brightness. Place a well carved glass toped table in the centre with a vase of natural flowers that can spread a nice fragrance in the room. On either side of the table place two sofas. The sofa can be padded with foam and upholstered in white linen.

A few well stuffed orange cushions can be placed on the sofa providing a cozy sitting arrangement .Well framed mirrors on the wall on the side of the sofas can give the appearance of large space.

How to furnish a small living room

Place the sofa in the window enclave with a beautifully carved center table in t front of it. A framed glass mirror can be placed on the wall opposite the sofa to provide a nice view of the landscape outside A carpet can be spread out in front of the sofa under the centre table.

This is enhanced by a well designed credenza with a porcelain vase which is placed against the wall. A well carved chest of drawers can provide storage space as well as highlight the setting.

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