Enrich your space with armoire closet:

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Armoire closets are soon evolving as a new style in the home decoration. They provide space and supplementary storage options in an elegant way in addition to closet. They hail from a French background of fashion, thus making it a go-to option in the home decoration space all over America. They are mostly found in solid weight and dark colors, lending that royalty to your space. There are many ways to use an armoire, as clothes storage, for books, for your valuables and even for computers. You can place armoire closets anywhere ranging from bedroom to living room, which adds to the flexibility of your décor.  No matter where you have it, there some ideas to amplify your armoire closet and let it stand best.

Make it a highlight of your living room:

You can add an open armoire in your living room and perch some leather bound books and first edition copies on top of it. See the royalty it brings to your room with an air of antique sophistication.

Highlight your passage way:

If you have a large connecting space between your living room and inner house, place an armoire there with glassware inside it. This makes your passage way occupied and something special too.

Another way to do it is to hang or place some artwork over armoire closet. This enhances the space and also highlights the armoire design too.

Add storage to your personal room:

Definitely the most popular option, an armoire closet is used to increase storage space in our bedrooms. Go for a heavy weight and elegantly stylish one with multiple locking options. It will be helpful in cases where you have to store your valuable documents and jewellery.

Brush up a vintage touch:

Go vintage with the already antique French design of armoire closet in your living room or dining room by roosting some candles and candelabras. This makes your armoire stand out and also adds a royal touch to your décor. Patch this up with a nice vintage chandelier and a nice round dining table and see the way your home turns into one of Victorian homes.

Show up your passion:

Use armoires to show your inner self to people. You might be good at photography or embroidery or drawing and painting. Use this space to showcase that talent and earn those brownie points from your guests.

If still in doubt, our experts in Houston and Chicago are ready to help you out, reach out to them!

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