Few ideas on designer bed headboards

Designer Bed Headboards - 2

Designer bed headboards are something that makes our beds and also our bedrooms more beautiful. But there are so many types of headboards available you may get confused which one to get. Above all, you want to have something unique that can really make your bedroom a picturesque place. To help you in this here we have some amazing and unique designer bed headboard ideas that you can definitely look into. If you like any one or more you are welcome to implement them in your own home.

Wood log stock headboard

Amongst the designer bed headboards, the wood log stock headboard is definitely a unique one. This headboard gives you bedroom a rustic look but it will look even better with light colored interiors. You can get one if you have white, yellow or any light color in your bedroom.

Patterned headboard

Pattern headboards are something that lets you experiment with them. You can choose your desired pattern according to your room’s design and color. With unique modern patterns, you can give your bedroom any look you want.

Multi-colored picture headboard

A beautiful colorful picture above a multicolored headboard is really unique. Multi-colored headboards and a picture above the bed, both are modern trends and you can mix them to create your own style. These type of designer bed headboards especially look better with twin beds.

Classic crafted headboards

Classically crafted headboards are always a hot favorite when it comes to choosing one. These designer bed headboards are generally made of wood and craftsman show their skill on them. Before the era of modern headboards, these we the most popular ones and still is favorite of many people.

Elegant mirror headboard

Mirror headboards are something that we can call truly elegant. This type of designer bed headboards may cost you some money but if you care about beauty then it’s worth spending on them. You will also need a good interior style if you want a mirror headboard in your bedroom. Your guest will be amazed the next time they visit your home when they see the mirror headboard.

Floral headboard

Floral headboards are pretty popular nowadays. You can design them on your own with your favorite flower buy, not with real ones. You have to get lots of plastic flowers to make a floral headboard on your own. These designer bed headboards are also inexpensive if you are planning to buy one.

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