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Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas or couches are one of the common pieces of furniture found in living rooms. They offer comfortable spaces for sitting while watching TV or receiving guests and sleeping. These are often the centerpiece of the living room and these pieces of furniture clearly define the mood and the theme of the whole room.

One particular kind is the leather sleeper sofa. This type of sofa can be made of authentic, genuine leather or that of a closely-resembling synthetic variant. A leather sleeper sofa offers a wide range of design and decorating options for your living room depending on its dominant color. The color sets the emotion or the feeling so you can choose which kind you want to use in your living room, depending on your personality and mood.


You can never go wrong with black. Black is a widely versatile color that can be accented and complimented by virtually any color and hue you may want to consider. With other colors it creates a flexible and modern ambiance to the room. With itself it creates a sleek, professional edge to the space.

Using black also gives you a lot of color options to mix it with. You can match accessories of light and warm colors with it to re-create an abstract effect, and dark and deep colors to emphasize seriousness and form.


The farthest contrast of black, white shares the versatility of the color. White can also be mixed with any color, but being the dominant color, it suggests a lighter and warmer feel to the room. White with bright colors gives the room a warm and hospitable atmosphere which is perfect for reunions and get-togethers. The mix of white with strong, dark colors creates the feeling of order and cohesiveness, which is suitable for formal gatherings and celebrations.

Its accessories can follow the flow of the color within the room to create a feeling of continuity. White curtains and rugs compliment this color of leather sleeper sofa perfectly


The color brown represents authenticity and authority in a leather sleeper sofa. These couches are often used in family homes and spaces. This color best depicts the refinement and experience of age. If you want a classic and nostalgic look to your living room, this color theme is a good way to go. This theme has a narrower margin for color mixing and matching, but it is still a worthwhile consideration in choosing your sofa.

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