Furnish your living room with small living room furniture for style

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A living room is the place you spend time to relax, watch TV, chat with family and entertain guest. Since this is the room that guests mostly see, it should be well furnished since it speaks about your character and your personality. The living room should have enough furniture to give it a spacious look without making it congested.

Decorating Living room with Small Living Room Furniture

Small Living Room Furniture is ideal when there is space constraint. Mirrors and wall paper can help you give the room a look of spaciousness. Place a sofa in the window alcove with a coffee table in front of it. Have wallpaper on the wall behind the sofa. Have a well framed mirror placed on the wall in front of the sofa. Your guest sitting on the sofa can see the view outside in the mirror giving a look of spaciousness.

Have matching side tables on either side of the sofa. On one side table you can have a vase of fresh flowers that can spread the fragrance in the room. A potted plant can be placed in the corner opposite the window. A beautiful chandelier can be hung from the roof and a carved ottoman can be placed in front of the sofa.

Give a new Look to your Living Room

When space is a constraint choose furniture with storage space to prevent clutter in the house. Have small living room furniture artistically spread in the living room giving it a spacious look. Have a love seat in front of the window with side stands on either side of it. Have lamps placed on the side stands. Have well carved ottoman with storage space placed in the centre and two high backed chairs on the side.

A credenza  against one wall will provide space to keep magazines and newspapers while a carved chest of drawers can provide enough space for storage.

Small Living Room Furniture that can enhance your Living Room

There is more in a living room than sofas and chairs. If you visit antique shops you will find unique pieces that can enhance your living room. Small settees, armchairs and carved chairs will be ideal for the sitting room. An antique recliner can be placed against one wall.

The Loveseat can be placed in the window enclave with side tables. A slim console occupy the place against the opposite wall giving the whole setting a cozy atmosphere.

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