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Attach a bunk bed ladder and make the bunk beds accessible

A bunk bed ladder is a necessity to make the bunk beds easily accessible. When you purchase bunk beds, ladders are included which are disassembled and have to be assembled. They can be attached on the right or left side of the bed depending on the layout of the bedroom and the placement of the bed. Sometimes the ladder is attached at the foot of the bed.

Different types of Bunk bed ladders

Bunk bed ladders come in different sizes depending on the size of the bunk bed and whether it is going to be occupied by the kids, teens or adults. When teens are going to occupy the ladder it is about five feet tall with 5 steps and a hook at the top to attach it to the bunk bed. A bunk bed ladder can be built from any choice of wood that you favor and to any height.

Ladders with bunk beds are disassembled and come with the hardware and tools needed for assembling. You can assemble them as per the instructions given and attach them to the bed on the side that is mentioned in the instructions or on any side if they have mentioned so.

Bunk beds –Space saving solutions for small apartments

Most often the apartments today are very small and you have to make the most of the available space and live comfortably. In such a situation a bunk beds are very convenient and provide comfortable sleeping space for the family. This bunk bed is made of wood with a full bed below where the adults can sleep. A twin bunk bed is fitted above which can accommodate an older child and a younger sibling comfortably.

The slanting ladder offers a safe access for the young child to climb up to the bunk bed to sleep. The bunk bed is easy to disassemble and can be used as stand-alone beds if you decide to shift residence and take up a bigger place.

Bunk Beds that can meet all your needs

This bunk bed comes with a headboard with shelves where books toys and watches for alarm can be kept. There is a sleek ladder attached which makes it convenient for the kids to climb. But when space is a problem the ladder has hooks on the top and the ladder is hooked for big children to climb to the top. Bunk beds can always be changed to single beds when necessary and you get a spacious apartment.

So if you want to get a bunk bed ladder consider the space in your apartment and get one that can meet your requirements to help children get easy access to the bunk bed.

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