White - Queen Size - Modern Headboard Tufted Leather Look

Be White with White Headboards for Your Bed

Headboards come with different range of color and sizes. A color is the first attraction one gets when any object is seen. Of course, our ability to identify objects all comes from the interpretation of colors through rays of light. If there is any color that commands great respect, it is white. White is purity, white clean.

As the white color presents a distinct aura among colors, so are white headboards among headboards. White headboards are classy and exemplify distinction. If you’ve been in all white before you’ll sure know how it feels. The different categories of headboards have their own white variant.

 The category of White headboards according to size

Here, we examine the various sizes of headboards and their designs in white

The king size

The king sized white headboards are elegant and have a mark of royalty and of large size. They measure 70 inches by 80 inches in dimension. That is, width and height respectively. A lot of room is available to spare. Some of the king-sized headboards are designed with metal finishing to add a superiority class. With well-laid heads, soft sofas are fit to give some a great look.

The Queen Size

Queen headboards, like the king’s counterpart are great designs to behold. White headboards of the queen category are a popular brand with splendor. The white color is well fit to give the lasting impression of a classical design. The attraction of the queen brand also lies in the size. 60 inches by 80 inches is a regular form.

   The Twin size

The twin size brand of white headboards is of lower sized usually 39 inches by 75 inches. They fall among the simple designs of white headboards. If you’re looking for simplicity couple with radiance, go with the twin size.

Other notable variants of the white head family are the California king, the full size, and the twin-X long.

The white headboards which are well available in either style of both attached or wall mounted, however, would need a lot of care and maintenance in its use. Stains on white are always easily noticeable. It’s not a place where children will toy around. If you have growing kids, it would be advisable you go with other color variants. And if you are feeling white, then go for it and bring out your kingship nature.

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