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Bunk beds have been available for quite some time now. They are the best choice and option for those looking to save on space. As time goes on there have been improvements to these beds in the forms of bunkbed accessories.

These accessories are added to the bed to make the bed feel more personal to the child and give them a sense of privacy in their own room. On top of everything these bunk bed accessories make the bed more interesting to the kids that use them. Here are some bunk bed accessories ideas that you can implement for your child’s bunk bed:

Accessory ideas

  • A slide with tent

The slide doesn’t normally come with the tent, but both of these make for a fun experience for your child. These two accessories are best used to add some fun to the top bunk and make it easier for your kid to get down. The tent used is one that has a theme to it, say a castle or a dungeon so as to make the kid have more imagination during bed time.

  • Stairs

These are a safety accessory that you should add with every bunk bed. You always want your kid to be safe, so use this to ensure it. Stairs will help ensure that your kid gets down safely as they drowsily wake up and that their legs don’t get caught between the ladders at any point.

  • Desks and Proper lighting

As kids grow older, they get this need to have more privacy and a place that they call their own. Adding a desk will give the child a chance to exercise their creativity and do their homework. In addition, it doesn’t give them an excuse to avoid doing their school work. This should be in conjunction with improving the lighting in the room to make it easier for them to do their work.

  • Storage

This is never a bade idea. A bunk bed with storage adds to the space saving feature of the bed. On top of that, it also gives your child a safe and easy place for them to access their contents and important things. You could add this bunk bed accessory in conjunction with a dresser. The dresser could be for the clothes and the storage under the bed for more personal things.

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