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The bunk bed has been a life saver for many people. It hasn’t actually saved lives, but it has allowed them to solve what is a major conundrum to some. The issue of space has plagued many and it’s the bunk bed with its many different styles and design that has helped them get a solution to this problem. The bunk bed storage is one of these accessories and it has been useful to many people.

The bunk bed storage; a true space saver

The bunk bed storage has contributed a lot in helping save space. The bunk bed itself saves some space, but with the storage option, the need for a dresser or extra storage is eliminated. The storage that comes with a bunk bed tends to be sufficient for many of the user’s storage needs. In fact, the bunk bed storage normally doesn’t take up that much space in the room as it’s usually installed as part of the bunk bed. It’s safe to say that it’s a true space saver.

The type of bunk beds that offer this option

There are different types of bunk beds in the market and some tend to have the storage option for those that need it. Here are what we were able to find as bunk bed storage.

  • Loft bunk bed

This is a bunk bed that is built with the bed a few feet off the ground. This means that there is some space on the bottom of the bed that could be used for other things. The two common options are usually storage and desks. This type of bed is a good option for those looking to save space as the bottom could be divided into two compartments, one for storage and the other as a work space.

  • Trundle Bunk bed

This is the other option that’ available. It’s important to point out that the bed doesn’t necessarily offer some a storage option, but what it offers could be converted into storage. This kind of bunk bed features another bed at the bottom that can be pushed under the bed when not in use and pulled out when needed. This is a great storage option for when it’s not in use as it can be used to store clothing and other things.

Which one is better?

In terms of the better option, we’d say it’s all up to you and your needs. As a storage option, the loft bed would work best. If you have friends or family coming by your place, then the trundle bed could do well as you can use it as a bed while they are there and revert it back to storage when they leave.

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