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Buyers Guide for Modern Day Bed

The trend of day beds is very old in American furniture, but the truth is, it is never going to get old. Due to their elegant look, purposeful designs and multiple uses, say beds are very prominent in furniture industry.  In this article, we will have discussion about modern day beds, their features and types, and how you can effectively buy a day bed for your sitting room.

Modern Day Beds:

A day bed is a multipurpose type of bed designed for your sitting room, which can used as a bed for sleeping as well as a sofa for sitting. Modern day beds also come with trundle. Trundle is an extra bed for guests which is hidden underneath the day bed and can be drawn out when needed and hidden away again when not in use.

Advantages of Modern Beds:

Modern day beds, along with an elegant and stylish look, have a lot of advantages too. Some of which are:


Modern day beds are very comfortable equally for sleeping as well as seating. The twin mattress of the bed is very comfy and reliable for sitting.

Space Saver:

If you have a space problem, then day bed is best for you. It will serve as a bed for you at night and as seating in day time or while hosting a guest. Also it is perfect for a sleep-over. Got a guest? No problem! Just grab out the trundle bed, and you are all set.

Easy to Maneuver:

Day beds have very simple but effective design, which can be easily handled to use. Trundle bed, beneath the day bed can easily be dragged out when you need it and pushed back when not in use.


You can find diverse collection in styles and themes for modern bunk beds, from which you can easily choose the one that suits your personality and your sitting room the best.

Tips to Purchase a Modern Day Bed:

Here are some tips that may help you while buying a day bed that fits your sitting room the best according to your individual scenario.

  • Examine carefully the frame of the bed if it is stable and durable or not.
  • Choose the mattress for your bed carefully. You will need a twin mattress for the bed but choose the one which is soft and cozy and will be comfortable for seating as well as sleeping.
  • Day beds are manufactured from different materials like, wood and metal. Choose a material which will suit your bedroom or sitting room and will be compatible with your other furniture in the room.

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