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Buying Guide for Bunk Bed Trundle

Modern bunk beds are one of the leading furniture manufactures now-a-days. There’s so much variety in function and diverse collection of themes and styles that it fits for the needs of every individual person. A lot of different types of bunk beds have been introduced in the market and each one is designed to serve a different purpose; for example, double bunk beds are made for three persons to sleep, triple bunk beds consist of three discrete beds for three persons, bunk bed trundle comes with an extra bed which is underneath the bottom bed.

In this article, we will discuss different types of bunk beds, and their unique functionalities. So that, you may choose the one according to your needs which will work for you.

Bunk Bed Trundle:

Bunk bed trundle is another model of bunk bed, which is featured to provide an extra bed, called trundle. This bed is hidden beneath the bottom bed of the bunk. Whenever you want to use it, just pull it out, and push it back after usage. Bunk bed trundle, thus allows for people to sleep easily at a time – perfect for guest sleep-overs.

Futon Bunk Bed:

A futon bunk bed is a multipurpose bed. It has a normal top bed just like a standard bunk bed, but its bottom consists of a futon. A futon can be converted into a sofa by folding at day time to use it for seating and at night, it can be folded back to bed to use it for sleeping. If you have a space problem, futon bunk bed will be just perfect for you. It will be your sofa as well as your double bed at the same time, saving considerable space of your apartment.

Loft Bed:

A loft bed consists of a top bed with empty space underneath it. You can use this space according to your own taste and needs. For example, you can set a workstation for you for office or research work, or a sitting area by setting some cushions and chairs. If you are purchasing a loft for your kid, he/she can use as study etc.

Bunk Bed for Three:

Three-person bunk bed is also available in the market. It consists of two bed on the top and a single bed underneath them. A perfect sleep package for three persons!

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