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Choosing the bed for kids

Are you looking for ideas how to decorate the bedroom of kids? Then you are certainly on right website. We provide innovative as well as practicable ideas because decorating a kid bed room is not that easy as of adult.  While purchasing a bed for kid you have to consider number of reasons: like size of bed, age of kid, budget, and existing room size and for how long the bed will be used.

Kind of bed for kids

Bed for kids comes in different size and different style like: single, cabin, sleeper, bunk, classic and trundle bed etc. And within these there are further types like: Twin bunk bed, Maven platform bed, Christie wrought iron bed, Twin trundle bed, Twin over full bunk bed, Hughes panel bed, Bonnie wrought iron bed, L-shaped bunk bed and the list goes on. While purchasing these you have to consider many things but important of all is you should purchase the bed while keeping the age of kid in mind. Because with the aging of kid the bed usage also changes i.e. if the child is transitioning for the first time from a crib to bed then it should be different than the kid is older in age.

Considerations for buying bed

There are number of things you should consider before spending money on the kids bed:

First thing is choosing a bed frame i.e. it should be chosen in accordance with age. Like if you are looking for a toddler bed it should be low lying which would be safe and comfortable. Also it would be more good if it has sturdy construction; it should bear wear and tear like jumps and dances over it

There should be no gap between the mattress and the frame

You should go for beds having smooth edge having round ends which will save the children from injuries

Safety measures are one of the importance issues while selecting bed for kids. You should go for such beds having low lying height. If you go for bunk bed make sure that there are rails. Our suggestion is beds like trundle are good for kids.

Buying bunk bed for kids

Buying bunk bed for kids is beneficial in many terms but before going for this you have to consider few things. You should measure your space along the wall and along the ceiling as well. The average bunk size is 5 and half to 6 feet tall. You can choose to have such bunks having feature like study area, storage or play areas like slide and tent etc. You have to choose its materiel i.e. pure wood or pure metal or combination and also its finish as well.


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