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Daybed with Trundle bed: Perfect solution for a tight room

When the room is tight and there isn’t much space available, a daybed with trundle bed is the perfect solution to your problem.

A daybed with trundle bed is basically a bed which can be converted into sofa. They are known to be versatile and can fit anywhere (hall, bedroom) in your home. They can save a lot of space as they act as a good seating option as well as a well decorated bed. They also help you to double up the sleeping space when a guest visits your place. Before you decide to buy them, let us first understand how they work.


A daybed with trundle bed is a pair of beds that co-exists with one another. They are placed in such a way that the lower bed can be pulled out whenever needed. The upper bed is usually smaller in length as compared to the trundle bed (lower bed).The trundle bed, or the lower bed, is fitted with rollers which makes it easier to slide out. They are somewhat smaller in size than the top bed and are stored beneath the upper bedframe. Given the room to pull out the trundle, daybed with trundle bed works as a good option for a room with limited space which is needed during the day such as the guest room or in the office if you decide to doze off there itself due to work load.


A daybed with trundle bed has many advantages over the traditional bed as well as the bunk bed. Here are a few of them:

  • They save a lot of space as they act as a sofa during the day and bed during the night.
  • The trundle can be easily stored, making it ready in a few moments.
  • They can be placed anywhere in your house.
  • They are safer than the bunk bed as they give you extra sleeping space on the same level as compared to the bunk beds where you fear falling down from the upper bunk during the night.

Factors to consider before buying a daybed with trundle bed:

Now if you are willing to buy a daybed with trundle bed, these are the factors you need to consider:

Your budget should include the funds to buy two additional mattresses: one for the trundle and one for the daybed, as the furniture you buy does not include the mattresses. Also your budget should include the money required to buy the accessories for the daybed. These mostly include top cover, a trundle bed cover and some extra cushions. You need the style of the daybed that you’ll be buying. The three basic style in which daybeds are available include: metal framed, wood framed and upholstered frame. Next comes the trundle bed. There are really two things to consider in these. First, the pop mechanism of the trundle should be proper so that it is easy to pull it and second are the wheels of the trundle should be properly lubricated.

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