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Design your Rooms with Designer Bunk Beds

As we all know, a bunk bed is a special type of bed in which one stack of bed is placed on another stack so that it allows two people to sleep at the same time. What is special is that it occupies the space of only one bed which gives you more space to decorate your room.

But if you spend a little, the designer bunk beds, alone, are enough to decorate your room. The Designer Bunk beds are usually classified on their construction, style, the theme on which they are made.


The Designer bunk beds usually come in two styles – ones attached to the wall and ones not attached to the wall. Also they are classified on their shape- I shaped, L shaped and triple bunk beds. The normal I shaped bunk beds consists of two bunks placed one above the other.

The L-shaped consist of two or three bunks place in such a way that when looked from above, an L shape is seen. Whereas a triple bunk bed consists of three bunks placed one above the other. The three bunks may be placed in such a way that an L or T shape is formed and the remaining space is fitted with a study table, a slide, or are fitted with compartments to store various stuffs.


Designer Bunk Beds are custom made and are centred round a certain theme. It may vary from a theme based on a fantasy world like Harry Potter to a sports team, from a doll house theme to a playhouse theme. I have also seen a bunk bed based on tree housed theme.

While Designer Bunk Beds are fancy, you should not sacrifice your comfort for them.

Factors to consider while installing Designer Bunk Beds

A designer bunk bed is made in such a way that it looks attractive and feels comfortable. While placing the bed in your room, you should see that the sleeper would be able to sit in the bed. The size should be such that the sleeper fits in properly. There should be movable curtains that helps you maintain privacy, an electricity port to charge your laptop/mobile phone, a removable ladder to save space, a reading lamp, a built-in desk to study.

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