Double Bed Bunk Beds – Buyers Guide

You look at any type of American furniture; there will a wide range of variety, in style, functionality, theme, material etc. Bunk beds, for example, have a lot of different types like standard, futon, L-shaped, loft, trundle and double bed bunk beds. All of them have been designed to fulfill a unique need. In this article, our point of discussion is “double bed bunk beds”. We will discuss its functionality, advantages and some tips about how to look for a perfect double bunk bed for you.

Double Bunk Beds:

Double bed bunk bed, as cleared form the name, is a type of bunk bed and its specialty is, unlike standard bunk bed, it usually consists of a double bed in the bottom while top consists of the single bed.


  • With two beds on floor and one on the top, double bed bunk bed is a proper sleep package for three. In case, three siblings have a common bedroom, nothing will be more preferable for them to double bunk.
  • Double bunk beds are real space-savers. If you have a small apartment or place, try a double bunk bed. It comes real handy for three persons, plus, occupies the minimum space of your room.
  • Double bed bunk beds are perfect for sleepovers. Hosting some guests? Their stay won’t be the problem if you’ve an extra double bunk bed.

Tips to make an Effective Purchase of Double Bunk Bed:


Bunk beds are manufactured with different materials like, wood (hardwood, plywood, softwood, etc.) and metal (iron, bronze, steel etc.) Choose a material which will match the other furniture and beautify your bedroom.


Before finally purchasing a double bed, do check out the frame of the bed. Make sure it is strong and durable.


If you have space problem, before going to buy the bed, measure the available space in your room. Choose a bed which fits in your place easily and doesn’t make it look congested.


Normally, the height of the top bed from the floor of the bottom bed is two meters, but you also have to put a mattress. So, taking all factors into account, choose a bed, which height is suitable for you. Otherwise, get ready to bump your head against ceiling every night!


Don’t ever ignore the safety. Make sure the frame of the bed is stable, railing of the top bed is high enough and ladder is fixed properly and secure to climb up and down.

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