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Factors to consider while buying an inexpensive bunk bed

As we all know, a bunk bed is a special type of bed in which one stack of bed is placed on another stack so that it allows two people to sleep at the same time. What is special is that it occupies the space of only one bed which gives you more space to decorate your room.

From the description mentioned above, you might be getting the idea that you won’t be able to buy these beds if your budget is low. But like most other items, inexpensive bunk beds are available as well. The real problem arises while buying an inexpensive bunk beds is that you have to find the right balance between price and the quality that is the safety of the bunk bed.

Following are the safety factors to consider while buying an inexpensive bunk bed

Safety Rails:

The safety aspect is of utmost importance as you don’t want your bunk bed to break-up while you wander in your dreamland on the upper bunk. Make sure it (upper bunk) has safety rails installed on the sides so that you don’t roll out into the floor in your sleep.


The ladder must be easy to climb up and down and must be strong enough to bear the weight of the person willing to sleep on the top bunk. Also the ladder should not sway while climbing up or down.


Another point to be kept in mind is the sturdiness of the bed. You don’t want the bed to be shaking while the person is sleeping on the top bunk.


The mattress used on these beds must be checked as well. It should be comfortable enough to get a nap and should not be too thin or too hard to prevent them from getting cranky.


One more thing to keep in mind would be the kind of frame you decide to buy. You won’t be able to find an inexpensive bunk bed with a wooden frame but if you manage to find one, make sure the edges of the frame are not sharp so as to avoid any damage while using the bed. Otherwise if you buy a metal frame, make sure that the frame is not rusted and is properly polished. Also make sure that there are no sharp points which may cause bleeding if they rub against your skin by mistake.

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