The wonderful thing about decorating with drawers and chests is that they add instant history and soul to any home. One more reason to love decorating with chests and drawers is that they add an antique sheer beauty to the entire look of the bedroom. Making practical use of these furniture pieces make them even more useful. Chest of drawers have been mainly used to store clothing, socks, undergarments and many other items that when not hung in the room are stored in the chest. Though, they are used for this purpose mainly but they can be placed anywhere in the house for other functional use.

Bedroom chest

The bedroom chest of drawers are mainly fabricated using wood but these days several other material are used to craft them. With the modernization and changing trends, these chests of drawers are now offered in a plethora of designs, which include carving, intricate ornamental work and several finishes and color tones to match the décor of your house. These chests of drawers are of two types:

  • Drawers that are waist high or bench high
  • Shoulder high drawers

Though both the types have flat surfaces on the top, the waist high chests have mirror on the top. Both of them offer storage as well as visual appeal to the house. Sometimes these chest of drawers are so appealing in design that it even eliminates their usefulness are are still preferred in the house by everyone.

How can a bedroom chest of drawers add drama to the bedroom?

Though, these bedroom chests of drawers are ideal for storage of clothing but its usage doubles as a bedside stand for keeping materials like notebooks, tissues when sick, pencils and many more stuff. Sometimes, these chests of drawers are also known as dressers. More than the usage, these add immense drama and richness to the bedroom with its beauty. The huge lower drawers are idea to keep comforters and blankets while the top drawers are perfect for sweaters and other clothing items. It is a versatile piece of furniture that combines beauty and function and is apt for holding bedroom, office, bathroom, kitchen items with ease.


Decorating with bedroom chest of drawers is a soul satisfying adventure that will make your home beautiful as well as help you to store as many things in the bedroom with the help of the drawers. A bedroom chest of drawers is a practical solution to all your space problems in the bedroom especially.

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