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We all know that excess of anything is not good because it makes one vulnerable to choosing criteria and characteristics. In market there are myriads of design, style and sizes of beds and headboards therefore it is not that easy to select a full bed headboard without any prior knowledge and understanding. When we talk about the size of the bed it is found in sizes like twin, twin XL, double, queen and king bed etc and the styles or shape of the headboards are found in Portman, Barkeley, York, Russel, Hanover, Regent, Grosverner, Belgrave, Ecceleston, Sloane and Finsbury shape etc. So while purchasing the headboard we need to know all these kinds of shape or styles and kinds of beds etc because these look well only when their ratio of sizes and designs are in accordance. Some shapes don’t fit for certain designs and sizes, so one need to know these as well. So after reading this you will be confident enough to buy a full bed headboard with confidence.

Considerations for buying

You know that narrowing down choices to a size, style and façade is more challenging. But it is no more challenging while with us. First thing is look for a frame of the headboard which has the relative size with the bed and that will look aesthetically pleasing to the décor of your room. Other things include:

Standard sizes

Although there is no standard in the sizes of the headboard; it changes in accordance with countries and within countries as well. But in most cases the bed frames are  found in; at least 38 wide and 75 inches long, 54 wide and 72 inches long, 60 wide and 80 inches long, 70 wide and 80 inches long, 72 wide and 84 inches long for Twin, Full, Queen, King and California king beds respectively. So you need to look keeping these dimensions in mind.

Headboard materials

Three most common headboard materials are; upholstered, wood and metal.

Upholstered: It is found in leather, velvet and fabric and it is more contented to lean against than other headboards.

Wood: it is found in different tones and looks and it is sturdy in term of usage. Mostl commonly used wood is oak and pine but other woods are also used. It can be found in sleek, curved, modern and traditional style etc.

Metal: In metal it is found in wrought iron, brushed aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and chrome etc. The advantage is that it is affordable and gives the room a good vintage.

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