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full loft bed with desk and storage design

If you have a small apartment or room and your primary motive is to save some space, then a full loft bed is just perfect for you. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of full loft bed, some key points to remember while purchasing one and at last, a few tips to organize and manage your full bed loft.

Full Loft Bed:

Full loft bed is one of the different kinds of bunk beds. It consists of a bed at the top but, in the bottom, there’s just open space along with drawers and compartments. You can use this place according to your own needs.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Loft Bed:

It seems so simple to purchase any furniture, but if you take a few minutes and read the tips mentioned below, it may save you from a lot of trouble.


Take measurements of the place where you are going to place your full loft bed and purchase a bed accordingly which may fit into that place. Especially, if you have limited space, you must be conscious about this factor.


Estimate how much space you need to manage your stuff and according to your needs, choose a loft bed that can fulfill your needs. For example, check out that how many drawers and compartments you need, either you need a shelf or not, how much open space is needed, etc.


Bunk beds usually don’t come with height adjustments, so it’s much better to take care of height before purchasing the bed than to thud your head against ceiling every time you stand up later.


Most importantly, must have a deep and careful look upon the frame of the bed you are going to purchase. Make sure, it is strong, sturdy and long-lasting.


Safety measurements should never be ignored. Especially if a child is going to use the bed, do make sure that the railing of the bed is high enough and ladder is stable and safe.

Ideas to Use Effectively the Floor Space:

In a full loft bed, floor space is empty, so it’s all up to user how he/she uses it. Here are some ideas to use that space efficiently.

  • Empty space can be organized to form a workstation or a small office at home. One can put all one’s office stuff there and easily manage and organize it.
  • Space can also be used as a small sitting area. You can place normal sized chairs of couch and easily form it into a small sitting-corner. Shelves and drawers can be filled with books and magazines and the place can also serve as library or study.
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